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NAOE Moving to Brickell Key in 2012

Miami Restaurant Power Rankings sleuths and scores, solving a very cryptic brain teaser provided by NAOE's chef/owner Kevin Cory to discover the restaurant's new address on Brickell Key after breaking the news that its current location in Sunny Isles is being demo-ed. If you think MRPR's Ryan Roman has too much time on his hands, you may be right, but he sure is smart. We talked to Cory, who told us "Ryan Roman came to eat again begging for at least a clue. So I text him this bizarre attachment which drove him nuts for hours trying to figure it out with more clues. He's so funny. He actually texted me the next morning at like 8-something a.m. that he found that box! He's too good!" Admittedly it drove others, ahem, nuts as well. Good work, Sherlock--er, Ryan. Anyway, as for when this is happening, sometime in February of 2012. NAOE's Sunny Isles locale will remain open until at least December 31, 2011. And one last thing: "I didn't tell Ryan the address yet. I only told him I'd put a rice ball in the window." [EaterWire]


661 Brickell Key Drive, , FL 33131 (305) 947-6263 Visit Website

NAOE 2.0

661 Brickell Key Dr., Miami FL