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3 Stars for City Hall the Restaurant; Five Napkin Burgers vs. BGR the Burger Joint

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Victoria Pesce Elliott says that "If Steve Haas could run the real City Hall like he runs his new Biscayne Boulevard restaurant, this would be one happy town. " The food's good too. "The menu, by the talented Tom Azar (Emeril’s South Beach), is refreshingly down to earth, with uncomplicated dishes in large portions at reasonable prices." What worked? A lot. "Outrageously good pizzas," "A birthday party of desserts," the house burger, sides, and the list goes on. What didn't work? A stale hamburger bun, "Uncrispy fries," and "scrawny" calamari. Bottom line: 3 stars. []

Lee Klein compares Five Napkin Burger to BGR the Burger Joint, which he says is "decidedly more fast-food-oriented than FNB." As for the signature burgers, at FNB, "This is a very good hamburger, not an amazing one," and at BGR, "I thought the BGR burger had better flavor, and preferred the more balanced beef-to-bun ratio." That said, "We'll take Five Napkin's version; it just seems more like a turkey burger." As for the veggie burger, "Slight edge to Five Napkin; BGR's was a bit too cloying." Fries? "I liked BGR's more, but the better one depends on your preference for thin or medium-cut fries," though when it came to sweet potato fries, "BGR's are crisper and sweeter." Onion rings: "BGR for sure in this category." And finally the milkshake: "Five Napkin's shakes are less consistent, but a good one at FNB is better than a typical one at BGR." [MNT]

5 Napkin Burger

455 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139 305 538 2277

City Hall the Restaurant

2004 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33137 305 764 3130

BGR - The Burger Joint

232 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134 305-461-9989