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At Least It's Not Your Average Burger Joint

toston.jpgDaring to be different, The Pincho Factory has reintroduced its bunless Toston Burger, a 5 oz. grilled all-beef burger patty topped with lettuce, tomatoes, a coupling of homemade cilantro and roasted garlic sauce, and Muenster cheese. All of this is joined in holy hamburger matrimony (or sin, rather) by – not two of their classic brioche buns – but two tostones, a pair of twice-fried, flattened green plantains that add a bit of crunch and bite to an American classic. Speaking of American classics, we asked owner Nedal Ahmad what he thought of the burgerfication of Miami and he said, "It's still in an infantile state, but the boom is far from dying down. Only wish the guys using frozen patties would treat their customers better... On second thought, keep using frozen patties, Miamians know where to get the fresh stuff." [EaterWire]