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Dark Dining at SoLita in Delray Beach

SoLita Italian Restaurant is the latest to jump on the dark dining bandwagon, going lights out on Sept. 14. Chef Anthony “Radar” Risoli will whip up dinner that the restaurant promises will “stimulate your taste buds, keep you guessing and leave you wanting more.” I am guessing that’s because some of it will fall to the floor in your desperate attempt to get it to your mouth in the dark.

There are many variations on the dark dining concept. At SoLita, the room will be darkened and servers will be outfitted with night vision goggles - a la SWAT team. Before being seated, guests will be asked about their likes, dislikes and allergies so there are no unwanted surprises. There’s only one seating at 8 p.m. in what the restaurant promises to be the first in a series of "In the Dark” dining adventures, so reservations are required. Cost is $59, not including tax, tip, drinks or light.---Lily Rano [EaterWire]

SoLita Italian Restaurant

25 NE 2nd Ave., Delray Beach FL