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3 Stars for Haven; Honest Food at City Hall The Restaurant

The velvet rope didn't turn Victoria Pesce Elliott off to Haven, whose "top dishes include exquisitely handled seafare. VPE says that makes sense because chef Todd Erickson's "last gig was as sous chef at the stellar London import, Zuma." Acoustics are "excellent," but the food's better: "Brilliantly simply hamachi sashimi," a "kooky 'crackle pop'," rock shrimp fried to "delicate and crunchy perfection," "thrilling" ceviches, and about 86 more things she loved. Not so much: "blah rainbow of seaweeds," and nitro cannoli ice cream "served too frozen to enjoy." End result: 3 stars. []

Lee Klein says the food at City Hall The Restaurant is "honest." Since its opening, "this 201-seater has been filling to capacity and rocking more than a British Parliament meeting with an open bar." As for that food, Klein honestly seems to like much of it, which he describes as "popular old-timey American classics given an updated twist." Bottom line: "The establishment is just two months old, so we give the team a vote of confidence toward improvement. We likewise endorse the restaurant as a welcome and needed addition to an increasingly populated neighborhood. This is one City Hall that serves its constituents well." [MNT]

City Hall the Restaurant

2004 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33137 305 764 3130