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Sakaya Kitchen Opening in Downtown Miami

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Our pal Ryan beat us to it on his MRPR blog, but Richard Hales contacted Eater Miami last night with some news: "We have taken over a space in Downtown 125 SE 3 Ave. It will be my second Sakaya Kitchen and will also offer Baketress desserts." This, in addition to his food truck collection and we'd say someone's doing well in this down economy. Mazel. [EaterWire]
Sakaya Kitchen on Eater Miami

Hales elaborated a bit today on his plans:

"We have been working on the systems to make sure the food comes out exactly as it always has, maybe even better. The move is the first step into making the restaurant into multi-unit concept under my Sakaya Kitchen brand. We have plans to expand to Miami Beach, Kendall and Broward. The new location will serve lunch only the first month then breakfast and lunch starting in November.

Our new dessert concept the Baketress will be offered at Sakaya Kitchen, Downtown and the Baketress dessert truck will be used to promote the new brand. The breakfast menu will come from the Baketress and favorites from my Dim Ssam Sunday's brunch we used to offer. [Former Michelle Bernstein pastry chef] Vanessa Paz is working with me part-time at the moment while we develop the dessert menu for the restaurant and dessert truck.

I asked Chef Michael Schwartz what he thought about me expanding the concept last year at my 1 year anniversary party and he said "what the fuck are you waiting for?" Awesome guy, great advice."

Sakaya Kitchen

3401 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33127 (305) 576-8096 Visit Website

Sakaya Kitchen Downtown

125 SE 3rd Ave., Miami FL