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Miami Ranked #1 Dining Out City in the US by Living Social

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It may not be considered one of the best restaurant cities by all those listicles and polls, but according to the results of Living Social's latest, Miami is ranked as the #1 “Dining Out” city in the U.S. compared to major markets such as NYC, D.C., Chicago and San Francisco. A few highlights of the poll: the city and its denizens are:

· #1 in the nation when it comes to frequency of dining out for dinner

· #1 for frequency of dining out with friends, or dining out on a date

· #1 in the nation for describing themselves “meat lovers” and having a “sweet tooth”

· Most likely to sit down for lunch or eat lunch out

Says a publicist, "This was the strongest showing of support for restaurant culture in the nation." We've come a long way from queuing up outside the dearly departed Rascal House, haven't we? As for whether or not the results are because more people in Miami live above their means, well, that's for another poll. For these poll results, click here. [EaterWire]