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Kane: Good, Not Great; 2.5 Stars for neMeSis Urban Bistro

Kane Steakhouse, says Lee Klein, is just the latest in Miami's obsession with meat, says Lee Klein, who writes, "Kane's apparent lack of any distinctive steak-house identity seemed even more apparent when we asked the waiter the origin of the restaurant name. " Despite the lack of a concrete answer, the service, Klein says, is pretty good. "Kane's pre-opening mission statement underlined attentive service, and the abundant staff on hand is clearly trying." Bread and steak tartare were good, shrimp in the cocktail were "plump," and steaks were "otherwise juicy and boasted an abundance of beefiness," and "exploded with flavor." That said, "desserts were the high point of our meals." [EaterWire]

The Herald's Jodi Mailander Farrell reviews neMesis Urban Bistro, where she says "Chef-owner Micah Edelstein, who often works the front of her whimsical, wee-sized eatery, treats customers like guests in her kitchen, and expects them to behave accordingly." Edelstein, she writes, is recognizable from "Grass in the Design District or from her short stint on the third season of Top Chef, where she alienated viewers with her abrasive personality and disdain for American comfort food." About that personality: "At times, eating at neMesis feels like an Alice in Wonderland trip down the rabbit hole, with some dishes very big (a towering steak stack) and others very small (Lego-sized cubes of focaccia). If you’re less than thrilled with any aspect of your meal, you may want to keep it to yourself; Edelstein can be downright dismissive of customers who don’t “get her.” After giving the restaurant 2.5 stars, Mailander Farrell may be considered one of them. []

NeMesis Urban Bistro

1035 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33132 (305) 415-9911 Visit Website