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Pig Ear Salad? Phuc Yea! A Sneak Preview of the Menu

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Making its debut this week, pop up Vietnamese restaurant Phuc Yea! (that's fook-yey, you foul mouthed foodies) aspires to be ephemerally awesome, with menu items like Crispy Pig Ear Salad with watermelon, jalapenos, radish and herb salad. Says partner Aniece Meinhold, "I have an amazing block of pig ear jelly that magically will convert itself into a gorgeously tasting pig ear salad." What else will they serve? We got our hands on the menu. See for yourselves. [EaterWire]
Phuc Yea! Vietnamese Pop-Up Restaurant Debuts September 8

Phuc Yea!

19 SE 2nd Ave., Miami FL

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