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Giorgio Rapicavoli Brings Home the Win on Chopped

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Miami born and raised Giorgio Rapicavoli, 26, of 660 at the Angler's, is the first Miami contestant to ever win Chopped. Rapicavoli competed against two other chefs on Tuesday's episode entitled "Far Far Out!" and impressed judges Chris Santos, Alex Guarnaschelli and Maneet Chauhan so much he won all three rounds and was awarded $10,000 for his win. “One of my favorite things about being on Chopped was bringing home a win for Miami,” Rapicavoli told us. “I grew up here, so the city’s culinary growth is important to me. Hopefully this win is a small step toward the national recognition Miami deserves... A check for ten grand didn't hurt either; took my family on a little vacay, and put the rest into a project I’m really excited about? something I’ve had up my sleeve for a little while now.” Rapicavoli isn't the only Miami chef on Chopped. 1500° sous chef Adrienne Grenier will compete on the January 17th episode and, from what we hear, so will a few other notable Miami chefs. Stay tuned and keep representin'. [EaterWire]

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