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No Kidding?

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mariobaker.jpgEater Miami probably receives more restaurant complaints than the Better Business Bureau, but this one was worthy of a post. A family of four, two adults, two toddlers, who patronizes Mario the Baker on Biscayne Boulevard at least twice a week, was told not to return because the kids, ages 2 and 4, make too much of a mess. According to the father, who has been taking the children there since the four year old was an infant, the manager, Krista Tremblay, called him outside and said "We can't serve you, we can deliver to you or do takeout but we can't have your girls here. Maybe when they get older. They make too much of a mess and none of my waitresses want to wait on you." This, despite the fact that, according to the parents, they pick up after their children and leave big tips because of the mess. Tremblay, however, disagreed and tells us that while Mario the Baker is, indeed, very child and family friendly, these lil' ones were a lil too out of control and, well, described the incident as "unfortunate" but necessary.[EaterWire]

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