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Mr Chow v Philippe Heads to Court Monday

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Despite the fact that Philippe is now located a safe enough distance from its nemesis Mr Chow, the legal issues haven't disappeared and starting Monday, Chow v. Chow heads into a Miami courthouse for the official trial sparked by incidents dating way back to 2009, if not earlier. Those issues, according to the just released joint pre-trial stipulation, include the fact that "The Plaintiffs claim that the Defendants took the name “Chow” for their restaurant, that it was not Philippe’s real name, that they copied the dishes, menu, décor, concept and other aspects of the MR. CHOW restaurants, used its secret recipes and procedures, and issued false advertisements about Philippe and their restaurants, as well as deceptive online advertising, all of which led to consumer confusion, and that they attracted employees by offering illegal cash payments."

It goes on and on, with allegations of libel, among other things. "The Defendants have also cross-complained against certain of the Plaintiffs asserting that they libeled Philippe by authorizing a former attorney to say publicly that Philippe was only a chopper and expeditor at MR. CHOW’s and not the Executive Chef there and thus that Philippe was a “fraud”." Trial is expected to take 2-3 weeks. Interesting witness list (shout out to Miami Herald reporter, Adam Beasley) includes Giuseppe Cipriani, who was involved in his own legal mashup with Michael Chow, and Philippe investor, Alonzo Mourning. [EaterWire]

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