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Eating House: A Pop-Up by Chopped Winner Giorgio Rapicavoli

Wasting neither time nor his winnings, Chopped winner Giorgio Rapicavoli, along with pal and biz partner Alex Cassanova, is opening a pop-up restaurant called Eating House, scheduled to start dinner service starting Friday, February 3 through August inside Cafe Ponce, an existing breakfast and lunch joint in Coral Gables. Eating House will only be open from 6 p.m. until 1 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday following the departure of Cafe Ponce's lunch crowd and staff when Rapacavoli and his crew will, explains a publicist, "turn the diner-style restaurant into a fun and funky, sort-of underground spot to grab delicious dinner and creative drinks."

Despite plans to feature graffiti art from local artists, the restaurant has no theme when it comes to food, offering only 20 items (including dessert) and will change daily, depending on what Rapicavoli picks up at the markets he visits and what he’s in the mood to serve that evening. And to drink: "unique sodas, craft beers and innovative cocktails made with sakes, wines, Sherries and ports." No reservations, first come, first served. Rapicavoli's last day at 660 at the Angler's is January 20. [EaterWire]

The Eating House

804 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables FL