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Make Your Nomination for Miami's Hottest Chef

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Miami may not be considered a smart city, but, like its denizens, it sure is pretty. In the spirit of superficiality, it's time to crown the hottest chef in the city in Eater Miami's Second Annual Hottest Chef Competition. Last year's winner after a hotly contested battle was Ana Quincoces, who will transfer her crown this year to, well, that's where you come in. This year's contest will offer both the underdogs and the clear front runners the chance to battle it out in nail biting heats and final elimination rounds. What's new this year: the winner will go on to compete nationally, as Eater National will pit the winners from sister cities Portland, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Austin, Boston, DC, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, and Los Angeles against our hometown hottie.

But before we get to all that sexy excitement, we need your help. Send your nominations for the hottest chef in Miami along with a picture or link to an image.The winner of each city's competition will then go on to compete on Eater National for the title of Hottest Chef in America. Nominations are due by January 27, after which they will be culled and seeded.
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