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The 38 Essential Miami Restaurants, January 2012

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Here, now, is an updated version of Miami's Eater 38, your answer and ours to any question that begins, “Can you recommend a restaurant?” This highly elite group, which is in no particular order, has been culled from a panel of experts and covers the entire city, spans myriad cuisines, histories, locations, and, collectively, satisfies all of your restaurant needs, save for those who are never happy. Every so often we'll be adding pertinent restaurants that were omitted, have newly become eligible, or have stepped up their game. We'll also drop those that are no longer deemed 38-worthy. The only serious rule of engagement here is that a restaurant must be open at least six months to qualify for inclusion on the list.

After pouring over reader emails and comments, we've decided to drop: Burger & Beer Joint, La Moon, Ola, BLT Steak, Hakkasan, Gigi, and Ceviche 105.

The great news is that in their places come: Azul, La Cameronera Restaurant & Fish Market, Area 31 (making a comeback), River Oyster Bar (also making a comeback), 1500°, Tudor House and The Local Craft Food & Drink.

Think there's a vital omission? Or a spot that shouldn't be here? Nominate your favorite restaurant in the comments section or here.

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