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Doors Open at Buddha Sushi Bar, Thea Pizzeria and Cafe

1) Upper East Side: New to the 79 Street 'hood is Buddha Sushi Bar, a pretty trendy spot for sushi and Japanese eats. Pull up a seat to the "bar" for a quick and casual fix as boats come around in water holding plates for plucking. Tally them up at the end for the bill, or maybe for a friendly eating contest with a buddy (eight plates high- any takers?). For a more sit-down experience, head to the dining room and be seated at one of the tables where you can order off the menu of more specialty items like the Armageddon Roll. Don't forget Japanese sake, brews, and fancy cocktails to go with that sashimi. Status: Certified Open; 1071 Northeast 79 Street, Upper East Side, (305) 677-3633 Previous Coverage: Thrillist, 09/27

2) Miami: Between the Downtown and Wynwood area lies a new pizzeria ready to fire up some pies in an artsy-chic atmosphere. Thea Pizzeria and Cafe, located at the new UM Life Science and Technology Park area along Northwest 7th Avenue, joins other shops and restaurants like Balan's fourth location. Thea's is named after owner Thea Goldman, who formerly owned and helped open the popular Joey's Pizza in Wynwood. The new lunch stop (soon to be open for dinner) has a variety of appetizers, entrees, cheese and meat boards, sandwiches, and desserts, in addition to the homemade pizzas of course. Status: Certified Open; 1951 Northwest 7 Avenue, Miami, (305) 777-3777 Previous Coverage: Thrillist, 09/26; Urban Daddy 09/21
[Photo of Buddha Sushi Bar via Thrillist]

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