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Jeremiah Bullfrog's Latest Project: picklePeoples

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Put a little jingle in your step with the picklePeoples Jingle, the latest video and concept from Miami's very inventive chef, Jeremiah Bullfrog of the gastroPod food truck and soon-to-be chef at the restaurant for The Broken Shaker. And now, in Mr. Bullfrog's most recent endeavor, he is trying to bring pickles to the people. picklePeoples is his pet project that loves to promote pickled products and things properly pronounced with the letter "p". As always, Jeremiah is thinking outside the mason jar and pickling things besides cucumbers like red curry cauliflower, smoked chorizo and green beans, kimchee bok choy, and Sriracha okra spears. Help contribute to the local cause of bringing pickled perfection to the people by donating to his Kickstarter campaign, and you'll also get to be one of the first to try the stuff before anyone else. There's still 17 days to go to reach the goal, and every little bit helps.

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