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Next Level Karaoke at Jelsomino

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Photo Courtesy of Justin Namon/Urban Daddy

247 23 Street
Phone: (305) 673-7757
Web: Jelsomino Miami
Status: Opens Friday

If it's ever been your dream to perform like an American Idol contestant, this place will beat that dream. Not only does Jelsomino have the stage with a wireless mic front and center for all to see, but it also will provide backup singers, dancers, and fog machines for that special rendition you do of Madonna's "Like A Virgin". Eastern Europeans know how to karaoke (as do the Japanese), and now Miami is going to get a proper education from the Russians taking over the former Aero Bar space next to Mokai. The décor is down right fit for a pop star with disco balls, strobe lights, black leather booths, iPads for song selection, and portraits of the famous Kings and Queens of Pop. As any star should fuel up properly before a performance, Jelsomino has a menu full of sushi, sashimi, nigiri, and a seafood tower along with cocktails and bottle service. For those still overcoming stage fright or wanting a more private party, there are four themed rooms that can be reserved for whatever occasion should arise for a night of singing sensations. It'll be open for belting out Benatar Wednesday through Saturday from 10p.m. until the sun almost comes up (5a.m.).

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247 23 Street, Miami Beach

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