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Reviews for TIKL, Shokudo, and SuViche

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Photo Courtesy of UrbanDaddy/Justin Namon

Zachary Fagenson of the Miami New Times reviews TIKL, the new small platery by the Altamare guys. Fagenson starts out by noting that the lunch service was speedier than dinner where he was "waiting for some time for even the cold bites." Regarding their cured snapper with orange Tootsie Pop flavor, he says it's "the strangest tiradito I have ever encountered." He notes the eggplant was a "highlight" and particularly that the "waiters were knowledgeable about the menu and were attentive throughout the meal." While Fagenson finds the menu not so exciting, he says "dishes are thoughtful and flavorful", adding, "Tikl is certainly deserving of more than a hurried lunch with colleagues." [MNT]

Renowned reviewer Victoria Pesce Elliot visits Shokudo, the hot new pan-Asian restaurant from World Resource Cafe's crew in Buena Vista. Elliot gives it three stars, noting its décor is "at once elegant and casual." With few complaints, Elliot does say that the julienned green peppers did not work due to the fact that they "look like oddly conjoined triplets." She calls their Pho "complex", the buns "addictive", and the flourless chocolate cake "miraculously airy". []

Elliot is at the plate again, checking out the recently opened South Beach outpost of SuViche. She gives it two and a half stars "for fast, cheap and delicious sushi and ceviche". Elliot says the "snappy young waiters are quick to deliver" and for some eye candy, the owner, Mexican-Brazilian Aliosha Stern, is "movie-star handsome." A Peruvian necessity, she says the lomo saltado is "fantastic." Also popular with Elliot: the "delightful" chifa and the "fantastically creamy, smooth and just spicy enough ají de gallina". She didn't note anything that didn't work for her. []