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We Want Your Rental Horror Stories; Ice Cream City

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All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Miami...Screen%20Shot%202012-10-15%20at%209.38.53%20PM.jpg

EVERYWHERE - Curbed Miami is asking for the worst of the worst rental horror stories, you know those tales that make people cringe. Maybe you have a story you only tell at cocktail parties, after a few drinks, or you've buried it so far in the back of your mind it's almost gone - but it's always there. Tell us and you could win a month's rent on us. (Up to $2,500 bucks. Living large is your own fault)

OVERTOWN - Pharrell Williams, the famous guy, and Chad Oppenheim, the architect, have a crazy, amazing, and pretty friggen awesome plan for Overtown, called Ice Cream City. Hopefully it won't be controversial, but hey NIMBYs we give you fair warning.

BISCAYNE BAY - Remember that idea for a train from downtown to South Beach called Baylink? Well, it might just be back. Miami Beach and the Miami-Dade MPO are both studying a couple different schemes to bring improved mass transit to the beach, and even connect it with the mainland.