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Bring These Chefs to Miami

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Restaurants are sprouting up all over this season, and many have very reputable chefs behind them. Chefs are becoming the celebrities of the food world, and Miami is getting on their radar, slowly but surely. There's even a campaign called 500 Chefs to help bring them here, based on the demand of their fans. In the last Open Thread, Eater and 500 Chefs wanted to know from readers: Which chef do you want to see open a restaurant in Miami? Based on the tipline, tweets, and comments, here's a roundup of chefs Miami is missing.

Eater readers want to see the following big players open restaurants here:

· Wolfgang Puck
· Enrique Olvera
· Tom Colicchio
· David Chang
· April Bloomfield
· Mario Batali
· John Besh
· Kevin Gillespie
· Masaharu Morimoto
· Gregory Marchand

[Photo of Mario Batali via Food Network Blog]

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