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Burger King Delivery Has Begun in Miami

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While fast food tycoon Burger King announced in January that they would be testing delivery service in Virginia and Maryland to see about improving sales, nothing was implemented in their home base of South Florida. Until now. This sign was noticed last night outside a BK near Brickell at the corner of Southwest 8 Street and South Miami Avenue. Causing one to do a double take, the notion of fast food being delivered to the home is somewhat foreign and unnerving. But if it's a Whopper you're craving late at night and can't leave the house, BK Delivers will be the answer. There's online ordering and even a loyalty program (and a little $2 delivery fee). If you've noticed signage going up at a BK near you for delivery, please let us know in the comments or the tipline.

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Burger King

22 Southwest 8 Street, Miami