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Reviews for South Street, Mixtura, and Bonsai

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Photo Courtesy of South Street Restaurant & Bar

Sarah Liss from takes a first look at South Street Restaurant & Bar from restaurateur Amir Ben-Zion and event consultant Amaris Jones. While many weren't sure what to expect from neo-soul food that Jones promised to satisfy without pork on the menu, it seems the outcome is positive. Liss calls it "refined, 'healthier' soul food classics." She also notes the bang-for-buck advantage, saying "portions are generous", at prices that are in sync with others in the area. Overall, her verdict on South Street thus far is that it's "a jazzy, welcoming spot for lighter-than-expected Southern home cooking." []

Miami New Times' Zachary Fagenson takes a fork to Mixtura's newer Coral Gables location. In his review, Fagenson first notes the confusion and "identity crisis" as many of the branding elements still represent the one before it, La Cofradia. With mention of slow service due to under-staffed visits, Fagenson is skeptical at the restaurant's ability to execute 'Peruvian fusion', and notes its "high-priced entrées." Despite this, he says, "Mixtura's classic Peruvian offerings were its strongest" though he's just not sure it's worth the hike in price. [MNT]

Victoria Pesce Elliot gives Kendall's Bonsai Thai & Sushi two and a half stars. Elliot applauds the Thai-Japanese hybrid, calling it "the stunning new sibling of the Tamiami Trail original" and says it's "a surprisingly sexy spot with delicious food and a young, eager staff." She says the restaurant, based on decor and atmosphere could just be "one of the coolest I have seen in Kendall", likening it to a club on SoBe. Their specialty rolls, according to Elliot, are "cleanly prepared, tightly rolled, gorgeously displayed and fresh as a teenager talking back to mom." She calls their snappy octopus salad "impressive", the ginger stir fry "fantastic", and their teriyaki duck "pleasantly unctuous as foie gras." Sounds like it's worth a trip to Kendall for a visit to Bonsai Thai & Sushi. []

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