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Changes Afoot at Villa Mayfair, Reopening Soon

Photo Courtesy of TripAdvisor

Back in the summer, the Grove's upscale French destination Villa Mayfair closed temporarily. They had said to be taking break for off season, with promise of re-opening in October. And now, as the month comes to a close with still no sign of a restaurant open for business, things look skeptical. Short Order noticed a letter on their window to their fellow Grove neighbors, thanking them for their patience and hoping the closure was without inconvenience. It looks like they've made some adjustments to the restaurant, possibly down-scaling some of its dishes and atmosphere to better suit the Grove crowd. In the letter from "The Team", they say:

"We noticed that we had to change a few things, so we did, and we are really looking forward to sharing our new ideas with you. There is this new guy Chad who we are dying for you to meet and we are even adding some casual aspects to make you feel at home during your visits. We look forward to seeing you for coffee to go, lunch and dinner."
With a more casual approach, "this new guy Chad", and what looks to be an added morning coffee service, Villa Mayfair should be re-opening soon with their new approach.

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