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Miami Woman Wants to Ban Cell Phones in Restaurants

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One Miami woman, Julie Liberty, wants you to stop texting and talking on the phone in restaurants. Liberty has taken the liberty (heh) of making a Facebook page for the cause: "Ban Cell Phones From Restaurants" with hopes of changing what has become poor cell phone etiquette. Talking or texting on the phone during a meal can not only be rude to the person dining with the culprit, but it's also become a distraction for other diners nearby who probably don't want to overhear someone carrying on about their Aunt Mildred's foot fungus. Liberty's solution: have cell and non-cell sections just like how there used to be smoking and non-smoking, remember when? She's gotten quite a few people behind her already at 194 likes, and the conversation has grown outside of Miami, getting Facebookers from all over the U.S. to support the cause. How do you feel about the issue? Would you prefer to dine in restaurants that have phone and no-phone sections? Share any rants or opinions with us in the comments, Twitter, or the always-open tipline. [SO]

· Ban Cell Phones From Restaurants Facebook Page
· Miami Woman Wants You to Stop Talking on Your Phone During Dinner [SO]
[Photo via Ban Cell Phones From Restaurants Facebook Page]

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