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Michelin Guide Coming to Miami?

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The oldest and most recognized restaurant guide in the world, The Michelin Guide, is considering adding some new cities to its roster. Currently, Michelin Guides are published in Europe and Asia, but only in three cities in the U.S.: New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. But this could change in the near future. Michelin's new international director Michael Ellis was in New York City promoting the release of the 2013 guide and told Eater National in an interview:

I really want to expand into more cities in the U.S... I'm considering places like DC, Miami, Atlanta.
Ellis also mentions the possibility of bringing back the guides for Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and adding new ones for Seattle, Houston, and Dallas. While there has been some criticism toward the guide, it's an exciting prospect that Miami is on Michelin's radar as the dining scene here continues to grow in size and substance. Maybe the Magic City will soon get its own secret inspectors hitting the streets with the rest of South Florida's restaurant enthusiasts.

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