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Which Chef Do You Want to Open a Restaurant in Miami?

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With all the buzz and nominations on our restaurants and chefs, the dining scene in Miami is evolving to a place it hasn't been before, and our food enthusiasts are appreciative. Miami is getting more attention and recognition as a culinary destination, with some of America's best and top chefs opening outposts here. With that said, there is still a ways to go, and many great chefs to be brought. Enter 500 Chefs, a campaign to persuade chefs to open restaurants in Miami based on the demand of fans and their encouragement. So 500 Chefs is looking to Eater readers to weigh in... Which chef do you want to see open a restaurant in Miami? Thomas Keller was supposed to open at the Mandarin but now that doesn't look to be happening. Are you seriously bummed or would you rather see someone else open up shop here? Let us know in the comments, Twitter, or the always-open-to-suggestion tipline.