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Eater Cocktail Week Starts Right Now

2012_11_cocktailweek1.jpegEater proudly presents its first ever Cocktail Week. Starting today and running all week through end of the day Friday, Cocktail Week 2012 will provide lots of material for your drinking knowledge, whether it be for going out or just preparing for the holidays with a dose of eggnog.

As a city that's always got a good party going on or looking for an excuse to drink, Miami is the right place to come for cocktails and Eater's got it covered this week. We'll have city guides, interviews, talk hangovers, happy hours, tips, and specials worth toasting to. Who's ready to start the week off with a drink in hand?

Got a favorite bar, an amazing bartender or a fabulous drink that you think deserves a mention? Hit us up via the tipline.