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Have an Apple A Day Every Day for Cocktail Week

In addition to the Eater Cooler, there's another drink available this week in honor of our Cocktail Week. Thanks to our friends on the other side of the bridge in Wynwood at Cafeina, there's a special cocktail that's aptly fitting for this time of year (and for this week). Take the advice of your doc and try an Apple A Day. No, it's not another lime green, Jolly Rancher-tasting martini; this has Captain Morgan Spiced Rum mixed with organic apple cider, a dash of wildflower honey and topped with ground cinnamon. It's perfectly warm and crisp for these chilly Miami evenings. Stop by all this week and ask for one.

Cafeina Lounge

297 NW 23rd Street, Miami, FL 33127 305 438 0792