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Red Light Little River Closed For Good

Photo Courtesy of CitieSUNdercovers

Very sad to say, but yes the rumors are true. Red Light Little River is closed for good. The hidden gem on Biscayne has gathered quite a following due to head chef Kris Wessel, who is behind the semi-open Florida Cookery. It was first said to be a temporary closing of operations for Wessel to concentrate all his efforts on the last few weeks of preparations for Cookery on South Beach. Now it looks like any hope of reopening is out of his hands. Wessel has confirmed the restaurant is closed, and not completely by his own choice. The property's new owners have not allowed him to renew the lease for five more years by increasing the rent so high he wouldn't be able to. In a statement via Miami's Restaurant Power Rankings, Wessel says:

"I didn't give up Red Light by choice. The eviction was a technique so landlords didn't have to give me a renewed lease. I was in the option year and they didn't offer the renewal. Anyone who knows me knows I loved Red Light."
It's safe to say many will miss Wessel's pride and joy, but hopefully what Florida Cookery brings can fill that void.

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Florida Cookery

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Red Light little river

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