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Miami's New H&M; Midtown Builds Again; Trains!

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Miami...IMG_0233.jpg

SOUTH BEACH - H&M opened their fabulous and brand-spanking-new store on Lincoln Road this Wednesday night in, of all possible places, the former art deco Lincoln Theatre. With the original marquee recreated, lots and lots of clothes, gorgeous art deco details, and gold stairs (yeah...) the place looks smashing. Oh, and FLO RIDA showed up for a performance.

MIDTOWN - Midtown will soon have two more towers. 3 MIDTOWN and 6 MIDTOWN are back from that level of condo hell reserved for projects caught up in financial meltdowns. #3 will presumably use its old design, by Chad Oppenheim, although that has not been verified. Meanwhile the design of #6 remains a mystery. If you know what's going up there, please let us know.

DOWNTOWN - When it's finally built, Miami's downtown train station will be awesome. With tracks raised 45 feet above ground, you'll enter a great hall on street level, underneath the platforms, and ascend vertically your train. Sweet.