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Reviews for Cooper Avenue, Chef Philip Ho, Toro Toro

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In the review of Cooper Avenue by Victoria Pesce Elliot, she gives the new concept by Amir Ben-Zion two and a half stars. While she says the industrial ambience could be made a little more comfortable, her main qualm is with the "spotty" staff: "T-shirt clad cuties here seem clueless." Her favorites: the "simple but spectacular" lobster salad, "gorgeously glistening" pappardelle, the short rib with "perfect" brussels sprouts, and the "fantastic fiery kale sauté." Elliot also notes the "sophisticated" wine and beer selection and the cocktails by Bar Lab among the positives. []

Elliot takes a look at Sunny Isles' Chinese eatery Chef Philip Ho. She gives it three stars because "nearly every dish... is subtle and well-balanced." She says, "the cooking here is clean, precise and authentic." Regarding the dim sum cart that draws many in, Elliot says their hand-rolled dumplings are "among the best I have had in Miami." She notes the green tea duck dumplings, pork dumplings, shu mai, moo shoo chicken, and sweet and sour pork among the things that worked well for the restaurant. []

In Elliot's review of Richard Sandoval's Dubai import Toro Toro for The Miami Herald, she also gives it three stars. While she praises the non-Latin starters like calamari and mushroom flatbread, her Latin American standouts are the "delectable" lamb anticuchos, the "exceptionally good" smoked swordfish dip, and the Brazilian-style churrasco that's "reason enough to come here." Her only quibbles were: the awkward number (three) of items on shared plates, a dry rice and bean side dish, and an "inedible" hamachi tiradito due to its over-soaked soy sauce. Overall, she says the Hotel InterContinental "finally has a restaurant worthy of its surroundings." [MH]

Cooper Avenue

1661 Pennsylvania Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 455-4741

Chef Philip Ho

16850 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33160