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Love Is Grits: Meet the Yardbird Southern Revival Winner!

We received so many delicious grits-related entries, but it was game over when Allison Friendly sent in her submission, this very excellent YouTube video, along with the lyrics below. Friendly scored 2 tickets to the South Beach Wine and Food Festival Southern Revival Dinner at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar on February 25 featuring an 1800s themed menu by Jeff McInnis, Sean Brock, Kenny Gilbert and Gail Goetsch. Now let's everybody sing:
Grits with cheese, grits with milk,
with butter right on top...
grits in fritters, grits with bacon,
grits with chili sauce.
grits with eggs, grits with shrimp,
grits for every meal...
I'd eat grits with ANYTHING,
my love for grits is real.
Just moved down from New Orleans
where grits and I were dating.
I haven't had a southern meal
all year, please stop my craving!

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