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Paola Goldberg Wins 1st Heat; Heat 2: Paz v. Connell v. Goldsmith v. Jean

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The people have spoken, and Route 9's Paola Goldberg won the first day of voting in Eater Miami's Hottest Chef Competition with 729 votes. Andrew Balick had 578, Jamie DeRosa had 449, and Paula DaSilva had 284. On the chopping block today we have Vanessa Paz (Baketress DessertTruck), Thomas Connell (Fontainebleau), Hedy Goldsmith (Michael's Genuine et. al), and Jouvens Jean (St. Regis Bal Harbour). May the hottest chef win, and remember: no funny business with the voting. Poll will be open until tomorrow when we post the next set of four. [EaterWire]

Poll results

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