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Chow vs. Chow: The Million Dollar Verdict Is In

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The legal battle over the name Chow, being fought this year between Philippe Chow Restaurants and CEO Stratis Morfogen and Mr. Chow Restaurants and Michael Chow has come to a end (for now). The US District Court in Miami has found Philippe Chow restaurants guilty on 2 of the 16 counts that Michael Chow, owner of Mr. Chow restaurants, was suing over. In hope of putting Philippe Chow out of business, Michael Chow sued for $21 million over Philippe Chow allegedly stealing Mr. Chow's menu and style as well as utilizing deceptive advertising that confused customers about which restaurant was which. At the end of the day, the courts ruled that Michael Chow will be awarded $1 million in his claim for false advertising, mainly mislabeling their Philippe Chow as Mr. Chow's restaurant on Google Maps. Half of the sum will be paid by Philippe Chow CEO Morfogen. And of course, both sides are calling themselves victorious. In summation of this confusing tale, both Chows will live on to serve high end Chinese food in Miami.---Matt Tylka [EaterWire]

“We view this judgment as a complete victory and are satisfied that the jury sent a clear message to Morfogen and Philippe Chow Restaurants about their false advertising and misconduct. This case was not about the money and the jury understood that despite all that he has endured, Michael Chow has and will continue to be highly successful,” said Bertram Fields, attorney for Mr. Chow.

“They tried to take Philippe Chow’s name, they tried to take his food, they tried to take his livelihood,” says Vincent Ancona. “You know what they got? Nothing. We’ll see Michael Chow in Zagat next year – may the best chef win.” --Vincent Ancona, defense attorney for Philippe Chow Restaurants

Philippe Chow

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Mr Chow

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