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Southern Secession: Did Sean Brock Bail from Dinner?

Broward/Palm Beach New Times food critic Melissa McCart paid $225 for her Southern Revival dinner at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar featuring Charleston's Sean Brock, whom she says "changed into street clothes at the fourth course and cruised out the front door." Now McCart is engaged in a sort of war of words with Brock's people, who insist that "Sean’s departure was prearranged due to a commitment to support his friend Gail Simmons." McCart saw Brock at Simmons' party, too, and said he was "texting in a corner." It's no Flash Gordon Ramsay situation where he just hops on a plane and bails completely, but click here for the full story and you decide for yourselves if it's all just one big Brock or not. [BPBNT]

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