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John Lermayer is no Stranger to St-Germain


Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, but don’t worry because St-Germain has you covered. Made from handpicked elderflowers native to France, it makes an elegant addition whether you’re planning a romantic dinner for two or partying with friends. Its subtle flavor allows it to pair easily with complementary spirits. A classic celebratory pairing combines St-Germain with Champagne, but bartenders in Miami are using it with more than just bubbly. Vodka, gin, rye, rum, tequila and bourbon all play well with St-Germain. See Eater’s map of where to find St-Germain in and out of the bottle. À votre santé!

Eater Miami's 2011 Bartender of the Year John Lermayer, the mastermind behind the creative cocktail program at Villa Mayfair in Coconut Grove, is no stranger to St-Germain. "I've been working with St-Germain since it first hit the US market", he tells us. "Its mixability has no rival, but my favorite complement to it had always been Champagne. While developing the cocktail program at VM, I knew there should be a heavy focus on champagne and champagne cocktails, the room just yearns for it, as does the cuisine."

"The Mayfair Lady", he tells us, "was developed with our female clientele in mind. A delicate mix of cherry rose hip tea, sweet grass vodka, a touch of citrus, St-Germain and rose champagne. I feel it's the perfect complement to start your evening off at Villa Mayfair and I'm happy to have an iconic brand like St-Germain in our house cocktail."


1 oz Cherry Rose Hip tea. (brewed to triple strength)
1 oz St-Germain
.5 oz bison grass vodka
4 oz Rose Champagne