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Giorgio Rapicavoli Wins 3rd Heat; Heat 4: Brandt v. Ingraham v. Carro Twins v. Balloo

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The people have spoken, and Giorgio Rapicavoli won on the third day of voting in Eater Miami's Hottest Chef Competition with 256 votes. Jeff McInnis had 148, Daniel Serfer had 99 and Ivo Mazzon had 4. On the chopping block today we have Molly Brandt (150 Central Park, Allure of the Seas), Richard Ingraham (Dwyane Wade's personal chef), in a little double vision twist, identical twins Nicola and Fabrizio Carro (Quattro), and Timon Balloo (SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill). May the hottest chef(s) win, and remember: no funny business with the voting. [EaterWire]

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