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untitled.pngNorthwood burger joint Relish received some national press this morning with a feature in the USA Today's Great American Bites. Larry Olmsted profiles Relish, highlighting their variety of meats (12 in all) but specifically the toppings, "there are a whopping 20 selections, mostly creative, from artichoke spinach spread to tzatziki to sweet apple kraut to sweet & smokey bacon - lardons of smoked pork in a sweet jam", "the result is over 1,000 permutations of mind boggling burgers." Olmsted continues, deeming the restaurant Pilgrimage-worth, "from anywhere in South Florida or even further for burger junkies", as well as awarding Relish an "OMG!" rating, on his Racahel Ray scale. ---Matt Tylka [USAT]
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401 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33407 561 629 5377 Visit Website