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Chow Down Surfside Will Soon Be Josh's Deli

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After last week's news that Chow Down Grill in Surfside is converting to Judaism, we bring you the whole megillah on what will soon be known as Josh's Deli, a kosher-style eatery offering house-made and hand cut meats (i.e. corned beef, tongue, roasted turkey, salami, pastrami and more ), matzoh ball and other soups, fish, potato knishes, Gribenes (chicken skin fried in chicken fat), and more.

One week of every month, Josh’s Deli will be the site of a special, always changing pop=up restaurant concept. The first of the Harding Dinner Series starts March 30-April 7 as Chef Jeremiah takes over, creating a multi-course meal for 22 people for seven nights only. Start date is definite, says a publicist, though the end date may change, so stay tuned.

Incidentally over at Josh's Asian sibling, Chow Down Grill, Joe Bracero is the new chef de cuisine. A seasoned sushi chef, he is behind CDG’s new Pan Asian offerings and a brand new sushi/sashimi menu that's currently in the works. Mazel to all. [EaterWire]

Chow Down Grill

9517 Harding Avenue, Surfside, FL 33154 (305) 397-8494 Visit Website

Josh's Deli

9715 Harding Ave., Surfside FL