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Michelle Bernstein Wants to Open a Mexican Restaurant

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Eater National talked to some hot chefs on the hot topic of expansion on which Michelle Bernstein had this to offer: "We get offered opportunities basically every week, but we can't go with something unless we know it's really going to work. It's especially difficult in Miami, where almost every restaurant is a huge guess. It's such a transient clientele and a fickle crowd, so you never know if something will succeed. Price points are a delicate matter, ingredients are difficult to get locally, and you never know if you are going to alienate people. My dream has always been to open a Mexican restaurant in South Florida. My husband is Mexican, we travel there constantly, and I know a lot of Mexican chefs, but we don't really know Mexican food down here in South Florida. If there is any love for it, I'm not sure it's for true Mexican, because we really don't have it. So, it's scary to make that leap." Click over to read the full story. [EN]