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Eat at Eating House Before Giorgio Rapicavoli Gets "Too Big"

About Eating House, Lee Klein says that "Judging by the swelling crowds and critical approval this popup has thus far engendered, there will surely be calls for an encore." The unassuming spot he says, is "like a place you might come across in some small European town, where the décor is an afterthought but the food is meticulously focused." As for the food: "If there is a theme that binds, it is fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a hefty handful of dazzling creativity." More on that creativity: "What might seem gimmicky in print — say, frozen coconut milk in tomato salad — more often than not translates to "Why didn't anyone else think of that?" Desserts, Klein writes curiously are "cute." Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli is "a rising star." Bottom line:"Eating House offers that rare chance to dine on food cooked by a chef who, not too long from now, will likely be too big to be constrained behind a line. Pop in now. (Seriously, just pop in; no reservations are taken.)" [MNT]

Eating House

804 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Coral Gables , FL (305) 448-6524 Visit Website