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Stéphane's, A Contemporary French American Bistro/Lounge

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79660.jpgTelephone: 561-893-8838
Status: Currently under construction is Stéphane's, a "contemporary French-American cuisine and lounge," by French restaurateur Stéphane Lang-Willar, who owned and operated Léon de Bruxelles, the first restaurant chain in France to go public. According to its website, "Stéphane’s observes all ocean guidelines to protect endangered and overfished species. We serve antibiotic, hormone-free meat from animals humanely raised on 100% vegetarian diets." Executive chef is John Belleme, formerly of Henry's in Delray Beach. Menu features, among other things, mussels in all sorts of ways, from Provencal and mushroom and Neuske bacon to "Samourai" (Sake, Pickled Ginger, Green Onions, Garlic, Lemongrass) and American (Bourbon, Virginia Ham, Corn, Mustard, Crème Fraîche) style. A Saturday and Sunday champagne brunch , cocktail hours daily from 4pm to 6:30pm and every night from 10pm to close, ladies' night and Monday mussels specials are among the planned to-do's at the restaurant. No word on when it's opening, but an ad seeking experienced managers is currently up on Craig's List. Stay tuned. [EaterWire]


2006 NW Executive Center Circle, Boca Raton FL