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Hungry Brooklynites Say, Yep, Robert's Still There

We all know what happens when New Yorkers come and eat in our city. Or do we? Hungry in Brooklyn, a web-series by Shea Hess Rodriguez and her Miami native husband Raphael about local, sustainable and organic food just spent the past month documenting the sustainable food movement of South Florida for their Hungry in Miami series. In this episode, they visit venerable Florida City fruit stand Robert Is Here.

Says Hess Rodriguez, "Robert Moehling's passion for locally grown fruit started at a very young age, and now his family-run business has every tropical fruit you've never heard of, from the canistel to the black sapote, a fruit that leaks black juice yet tastes like chocolate pudding. Robert gives us a tasty tour of these funky fruits, and explains why it's important to support local farmers."
Hungry in Brooklyn Website
Robert Is Here Website