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Lee Klein's Love Letter to The Fed; Cibo Wine Bar's Charming But . . . .

Lee Klein pretty much wrote a love letter to The Federal Food, Drink & Provisions, saying that its "distinctiveness cannot be overstated." About the Fed's Buffalo-style pig wings, Klein writes, "It's an unimpeachable combination of flavors." Of the biscuits and gravy with sweetbreads, he says they're "simply luscious." Klein has even more love here for another of The Fed's signature items: "Jar-o-duck pleases via more jarring flavors." The entire review is pretty much a love fest, with Klein saying "Most main courses manage to keep pace with the scintillating starters. The lamb burger is "fantastic," wine selections are "smart," and, long story short, "When a cool neighborhood joint with great food opens, eat there." [MNT]

The Herald's Jodi Mailander Farrell visits Cibo Wine Bar in Coral Gables, where she says "no amount of toe pointing and twirling by a wine waitress on a zip line can distract from the fact that many of the Italian dishes don’t match their charming surroundings." Besides the salads, pizzas, gelato and fried zucchini and artichoke, she didn't seem to like much, but that aside, it still receives more stars than last week's Blue Collar, reviewed by Victoria Pesce Elliott. Mailander Farrell gives Cibo Wine Bar 2 stars (Blue Collar got one and a half). []

The Federal Food Drink & Provisions

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