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Chow Down Grill Converts to "High End Pan Asian Cuisine"; Surfside Location Converts to Judaism

According to a press release titled "Chow Down Grill Recreates Itself," the down home Chinese place everyone knows and loves is going upscale, "focusing more boldly on its true strengths: high end Pan Asian cuisine." The release, which only refers to the South Beach location (keep reading and you'll find out why), goes on to explain that "listening to recommendations from trusted guests, friends, and sources, new Pan Asian entrees will be presented in more of a “fine-dining” style, and less traditional Chinese. This means that portions will appear larger, and therefore will be seen as a better value." Huh. A new chef de cuisine will also be introduced next week. "After two years of working the menu and refining the concept, owner and chef Joshua Marcus, along with his business partner, John Donovan (of Purdy Lounge, The Bar, and Blackbird Ordinary fame) have decided that the time is now to implement updates and keep those accolades coming. "

In addition to the regular menu, new items will include "Braised beef moo shu, sautéed Asian vegetables, mushrooms, and pancakes ($14.95); Clay pot braised salmon, shrimp, and mussels in Thai green curry sauce with black rice (17.95); and The Chow burger! House-made bao burger bun, shaved smoked pork, mustard, and chow fries with dashi ketchup (10.95) to name a few. Dishes will range from $10.95 to $24.95."

Also, says the press release, "Happy hour remains strong, enabling guests try many house favorites and imbibe for a fraction of the price every night 4-7PM. And this is just the beginning - there are more “surprises” to come."

Among those "surprises," according to our well connected sources: the original Surfside Chow Down is closing and in its place Marcus is opening a Jewish deli. We also hear Chef Jeremiah of gastroPod fame is going to do a pop-up in the space. Stay tuned. [EaterWire]

Chow Down Grill

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