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Ruby Tuesday Takes Lime for $24 Million

Restaurant News has reported that Ruby Tuesday is buying the chain of Miami-based Lime Fresh Mexican Grill for $24 million. That means Lime founder John Kunkel can now open a chain of Yardbird Southern Table & Bar restaurants to be snatched up by [insert chain here] a few years down the road. Or not. Actually, Kunkel is joining Ruby Tuesday's Board of Directors after the sale closes, which could only mean it's only a matter of time before Taco Tuesday on South Beach takes on an entirely different meaning. [RN]
Lime on Eater Miami [EM]
John Kunkel on Eater Miami [EM]

Despite the acquisition of Lime by Ruby’s, nothing will change, Kunkel tells us. "All staffing will remain the same (with many additions as the brand continues to grow across the US), as will all fresh ingredients and daily on-site prep work. We are signing on with Ruby’s as this will help the Lime brand grow on a national level more easily than it could have without the assistance of Ruby’s.

We’ve been working with Ruby’s for the last year as the brand began to grow outside of Florida, and so this is really nothing new. I will be joining the board at Ruby’s in order to remain very close to the brand and will continue to be involved in its growth and overall brand strategy.

Separately from the Lime sale, Yardbird Southern Table & Bar will continue on its own path, along with additional concepts that 50 Eggs has planned for the Miami area – one of which is planned for this fall in Coral Gables that we are very excited about. " That concept, we're told is called Swine Southern Table & Bar. Stay tuned. [EaterWire]