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3.5 Stars for Toscano Divino; Marlins Park: Often Delicious

Victoria Pesce Elliott says that "every city ought to be lucky enough to have an Italian restaurant as solid as Toscana Divino." She likes its location, its look and its food, saying "The chic eatery satisfies a need for authentic Northern Italian fare from exceptional antipasti and steak Florentine to more inspired modern creations. The executive chef is Julian Baker, whose training in Florence is evident in every dish." The only things she didn't love were "bumbling waiters" and the "mandatory 18 percent service charge." No matter. Bottom line: 3.5 stars. []

Lee Klein analyzes some of the fare at Marlins Park, which he genuinely likes ("home run" for the lime n lobster roll, nachos and steak wedge earn a "triple," a "double" for the shrimp burger, and a strikeout for Sir Pizza), saying "Compared with the stale hot dogs and greasy pretzels at Sun Life Stadium, the ambitious, often delicious food at Marlins Park is pretty close to a grand slam." [MNT]