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"Alive" Cold Pressed Juices & Cleanses at JugoFresh

Telephone: 786-472-2838
Status: Newly opened, this 1,800 square foot juice bar features more than 28 cold-pressed, "alive" juices pressed from organic fruits and vegetables. Among the categories offered: green juice and pura vida (cold-pressed, innovative juice blends), detoxers ( citrus based mixes designed to rid the body of toxins) agua tuya (all alkaline water drinks) and dame leche (homemade nut-based and coconut-based milks). And they're as cheeky as they are juicy. Signature drinks inclue: Spicy Pie ($10); apple, lemon, ginger and cinnamon; Root Chakra ($8) carrot, beet, sweet potato, parsnip, turnip; Total S.C.A.M. ($9) carrot, apple, sweet potato, maca (an all natural sexual stimulant – think herbal Viagra) bee pollen, maple syrup and Ya Fui Green ($11) cucumber, romaine, spinach, dandelion, sunflower, sprouts, parsley, lemon and grey sea salt.

“We don't cook our juice because we don't want you drinking dead cells,” explains JugoFresh founder Matthew Sherman, a holistic life coach who has been supplying South Beach with signature cleanses from his kitchen, er, “unofficially” for almost 2 years. “Our juice is alive and therefore available to fuel your body with nutrients for immediate use.”

They also offer seven different shots served in 2 oz glass bottles including Animal Energy ($4) cocoa, green tea matcha, guarana, mesquite, yacon, grey sea salt and alkaline water. JugoFresh encourages recycling by offering a dollar of any shot taken in house.

Sherman’s signature cleanse program is also available, however, reservations are required as space is limited. For people new to juice cleansing, the Open For Life cleanse ($210) is an introductory three day plan designed with seven drinks a day to replace meals and snacks.

“If you are a coffee drinker and like your steak and potatoes then this cleanse is gentle enough for you, especially those who like sweets,” said Sherman. "I don't call it a diet but rather a lifestyle - a clean and healthy way of living.”

Other cleanses include the Jugotarian Cleanse, a deep and intense cleanse for regulars and the Undefeated Athlete Cleanse for those who like to kill it at the gym or abuse their yoga mats and need additional fat and protein. The cleanses range from $65-75 per day.

Starting in late April, JugoFresh will offer free delivery on Miami Beach via their signature green JugoFresh Smart Car. Three day juice cleanses will be available for delivery from Miami to West Palm Beach by May with added delivery cost based on distance.



1935 West Avenue #102 , Miami Beach, FL 33139


1935 West Avenue, Miami Beach FL