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Eating House's New Wakin-N-Bacon Brunch

Photo: Food For Thought Miami

Pop-up sensation Eating House launches its new brunch Sunday, April 22. The cheekily titled Wakin-N-Bacon will offer, among other things: Carbonara eggs Benedict; chicken ‘n’ waffles with maple bacon and spicy ranch; heirloom Homestead tomatoes with lime, ginger, nuoc cham, peanuts, frozen coconut milk, herbs, petals and shoots; Mexican chilaquiles; Cuban bread French toast; and Cap’n Crunch pancakes. Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli is also working with a local sausage company to design his own Eating House breakfast sausage, containing maple bacon and pancakes. Just as with dinner, the Wakin-N-Bacon menu will change frequently based on what Rapicavoli purchases that morning at the market. Not changing: $5 Tang mimosas. [EaterWire]

Eating House

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